We design, supply and install Cranes, in Singapore. Gantry cranes, Overhead cranes, Overhead Traveling cranes, EOT cranes, Portal cranes, Semi-portal cranes, Floor cranes.
You found us, if you are looking cranes in Singapore, various types of cranes, Gantry cranes, Overhead cranes, Overhead Traveling cranes, EOT cranes, Portal cranes,Semi-portal cranes, Floor cranes. We are here in Singapore.


  • Welcome.堡re UNIPAC ENGINEERING (S) Pte Ltd.
  • Enquiry: Please email  jenny@unipac.net  (It would be helpful if the email subject has the word CRANE or CRANES ).
  • Or call Jenny at 654321 66, or 96949181. Fax: 65432 220. 

We own  www.scissorslift.com.sg.


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We own  scissorslift.com.sg




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