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Cranes and Hoists

In Unipac Equipment we design and manufacture Lifting machines which include Cranes like Overhead Travelling Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Mobile Cranes, Bridge Cranes, Floor Cranes, Jib Cranes.

We also do other types of lifting machines like Stackers, Order Pickers, Forked Lifters, Drum Tilters. Many options are available.

In all cases a Ministry Of Manpower (MOM) certification must be provided. And after sales service to maintain the equipment in good working order, which include periodical load test as required by MOM.

Unipac offers you various options in Lifting Equipment. Our highly skilled team and technicians bring the most advanced and accessible technologies for an easy and hassle-free and save experience. We never compromise with safety, without which the cost of an accident is incalculable.

Your satisfaction is our priority. And our moto is Anything worth doing well is worth doing extremely.

Other Products: Different types of Scissors lifts, also known as Table Lifts, Platform Lifts, Hydraulic Lifts, Goods Lifts and Rubbish Bin Lifts.

Other Lifting Equipment: Stacker, Fork Lifter, Order Picker, Pallet Lifter, Pallet Truck, Different types of Cranes, Overhead Travelling Crane, Gantry Crane, Jib Crane, Mobile Crane. Crane. Both framing and bridge Gantry Crane Manufacturers Singapore feature a beam that’s positioned on top of the bottom, parallel to the bottom. Mounted on the beam may be a mechanical hoist or winch that may draw back and forth across the length of the beam. The winch lowers and retracts a hook or alternative lifting tool that may be hooked up to instrumentation below. At each ends of the beam may be a web. In the case of framing Overhead Crane Singapore, that web involves many beams that reach right down to the bottom. The beams are often mounted on wheels or casters, if the Portable Gantry Crane Singapore is mobile, and that they leave the complete house to a lower place the parallel beam free for storage and for alternative uses. Bridge Gantry Crane Manufacturers Singapore dissent therein rather than involving one beam mounted on simply a number of beams, they feature one or additional beams mounted on a frame, that permits them a further axis of movement.
Gantry cranes are often massive enough for the movement of shipping crates across storage yards, and that they are often sufficiently little to suit small-scale, indoor industrial processes. reckoning on the wants of a given operation, Overhead Crane Singapore are often designed to feature terribly massive, weapons-grade rubber wheels, or they will feature light casters. Such details depend upon the frequency with that the Crane are going to be used, the operational conditions during which it’ll be used and also the weight of the materials that it’ll elevate. Like bridge Gantry Crane Manufacturers Singapore, framing cranes are often designed to feature 2 bearing beams. The hoist or winch are often mounted between these beams, that permits the winch to be positioned farther from the bottom at its most height. A common thought is that this configuration will increase the load bearing capability of bridge and framing cranes; truly, it affects solely most winch and hoist height. the excellence between bridge Portable Gantry Crane Singapore and framing cranes are often hazy, particularly within the case of double support beam use. Generally speaking, all permanent, structurally supported parallel beam Overhead Crane Singapore square measure bridge cranes, and self-supported, often mobile cranes square measure continually thought of framing cranes. However, completely Portable Gantry Crane Singapore makers might have different standards, and completely customers might have different expectations.