Storage Racks

We design and customized Industrial Storage Racks in Singapore. Industrial Shelving, Warehouse Racking Systems, Shelving Installations, Adjustable Racking and Shelving Schemes, Medium Duty Racks Or Heavy Duty Shelving, we can design, manufacture and install for you at a reasonable price.

In necessary, we can provide all the Lifting Machines, Order Pickers, Pallet Trucks, Cranes, and Hoists if any is required to lift or stack the material onto the racks. Important to note is that all our lifting machines must be provided with a Ministry Of Manpower (MOM) safety certificate. After-sales service is available to maintain safety standards as required by MOM.

Your satisfaction is our priority.

Other Products: Different types of Scissors lifts, also known as Table Lifts, Platform Lifts, Hydraulic Lifts. Lifts. Unipac is your one-stop junction for industrial storage racks in Singapore. We offer the best quality racks and installation in your factory. Being one of the leading industrial manufacturers in Singapore offer premium quality racks to bear heavy weight products and other necessary equipment. We design according to your needs and provide you with the best. We are one of the biggest manufacturers of warehouse racks in Singapore and offer various ranges to our clients. We offer just what our clients need at a cutthroat price so that you can install the best quality storage without bothering about the charges.
We believe in the value of the money service, so we offer the best quality products at a reasonable price that would fit your pocket. We understand how much a storage system means in an industry and that’s why we design according to your needs. Our industrial storage racks are specially designed to store maximum capacity goods in minimum space so you never have to bother about space before ordering more supplies. Our team is determined to deliver you the best quality and most space-saving warehouse rack in Singapore to make your warehouse hassles easier.
Not only manufacturing, but our installation is something we take pride in. Our highly skilled team provides the best installments in complex storage systems. We offer the best installment of pallet racking in Singapore. Being one of the most proficient companies we have solutions for every storage-related issue. With the best pallet racking system in Singapore, it will be easy for your workers to work smoothly as a perfectly designed storage always decreases the hassle. Our dedicated team is just only one call away and 24*7 at your service. With us, you will have the most satisfactory installation of industrial storage racks in Singapore.

Other Lifting Equipment: Stacker, Fork Lifter, Order Picker, Pallet Lifter, Pallet Truck, Different types of Cranes, Overhead Travelling Crane, Gantry Crane, Jib Crane, Mobile Crane.

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